The Perfect Full English Breakfast

by Burgermeister | January 7, 2007 11:05 pm

full English breakfastAn old friend, now living overseas, came to stay over New Year, and insisted that a cooked full English breakfast on New Years day, and it was good. If you want to impress your friends and cook a decent full English, then this is what you do. The art is in the timing, everything has to be ready at once. The toast cannot be cold, the eggs cannot be burnt or rubbery. Everything must be perfect.



Do the sausages under an oven grill if you have one. Keep the grill on a medium setting, and keep the door closed. This ensures that they are cooked well, but not burnt to a crisp. Turn once, after about 10 minutes. Once ready they can be removed and placed with the black pudding a bacon once they are done too.

Bacon and black pudding

Cook the bacon and black pudding on a griddle, ideally so that grill marks are burnt into the bacon rashers. Turn the black pudding a few times. The key to black pudding is not to overcook, they must be served moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.


Cut the mushroom in half and fry in butter, in a separate pan.


Heat the beans in a saucepan. Keep on a low heat.


For a large group, scrambled eggs are best. Scramble with just some butter, salt and pepper. Do not add any milk, this is a big mistake when scrambling eggs as it totally changes the flavour and ruins a good egg.


Prepare the toast last when the eggs are cooking. Ideally once the sausages, bacon and black pudding are cooked, place the sausages on the griddle, and turn the heat right down, or switch off. Then use the oven grill to do all the toast at once.

Finish and Serve

All the time ensure the beans are not burning, the eggs are not over cooking, and the mushroom are not drying out. There should be plenty of butter in with the mushrooms.

Once everything is ready, place the griddle straight onto the table (on a protective mat!), serve the beans and eggs in a bowl, and the toast in a rack if you have one, then let everyone help themselves.

This makes a great breakfast / brunch / lunch. Especially good after a hangover. Enjoy!

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