Real Ale Burgers – The Best British BBQ Treat

Burgers made with real ale, salt, pepper and spices are simple to make a delicious. They are cheaper than ready made supermarket burgers too. Make your own burgers!

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I have had my first barbecue of the year last week (in fact I had 2 as friends came over on Saturday and Sunday) and made burgers for the first time in ages. So I thought that it was time to write a new burger recipe blog.

I noticed that this blog was looking a bit dated so I updated it first. Shocking to see that I have been “running” this website since 2006. I do not have many burger recipes on it so far though. I think that my old home economics teacher would write in my report “Must try harder” if she saw this site! However, on with the recipe.

Burgermeister’s Real Ale Burger

A real ale burger is simply a burger with some beer thrown in. I have talked about using beer before but never really done it is a dedicated recipe.

All you need is:

  • Some quality minced beef
  • Some real ale (ideally bottles or straight from the keg)
  • Nice buns – I generally use wholemeal for health reasons but you can have a sesame seed bap if you want!
  • some salt and pepper
  • some mixed spices (curry spices are perfect)

The procedure is simple. Grab a handful of minced beef and pop it in a bowl. Sprinkle over the salt, pepper, spices. Then pour in a liberal amount of beer – not too much mind, as that is good drinking beer! It should all fizz a bit.

Mould the minced beef into a burger shape with your hand and pop on a plate. Repeat the process until you run out of mince!

There will be some juices left over, I generally pour these over the burgers on the plate. Then off to the barbecue for cooking. You can let them soak for a bit if you like.

See, home made burgers are that simple. Also, I was shopping in one of the big supermarkets the other day and noticed that their fresh burgers, which had no spice or beer, cost twice as much per kilo as fresh mince.

Now, that means half the number of burgers for the same price! It makes sense to make your own. They are tastier and cheaper, and as you know what is going in, healthier too!

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