Marcia's cheese on toast !

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For almost 20 years I have been making cheese on toast the same old way – toast a slice of bread under the grill, turning it over, placing cheese on it, waiting for it to melt, then sprinkling Worcestershire sauce over it, and watching most of the sauce fall onto the plate. Then one day Marcia made herself some cheese on toast, and it looked perfect. I tried it, it was great. This is what she did:

Get a small non-stick frying pan, place the sliced cheese in it, add the Worcestershire sauce, and heat. Toast the bread in a toaster. Then when the cheese is melted and the bread toasted, pour the cheese over the toast.

This method means that the Worcestershire sauce is mixed well into the cheese, and you get no burnt edges on the toast, there is less washing up to do too. Fantastic, well done Marcia !

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  • That's actually not cheese on toast, it's called welsh rarebit, which is a seperate thing alltogether…Oh, and try a buck rarebit for fun – toast the bread, put a poached egg on it and then pour over the cheese sauce…

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