Kayla Kromer’s Burger Bed!

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Hamburger burger bed

There are burger fans, and there are burger fans. One burger fan in Austin, Texas, decided to make a bed in style of a giant burger. Kayla Kromer is a fast food fan, and loves hamburgers so much that she decided that she wanted to be able to sleep in one.

News: Sept. 11th 2010: It is for sale on eBay

The bed features all the trimmings, with pickle and tomato pillows, lettuce sheets, a cheese slice quilt and a round burger shaped mattress.

Kayla Kromer says that her burger bed was inspired the film Hamburger, in which students sleep in burger-shaped beds. She just could not get the image out of her mind, so decided to embark on a project to build her own.

“Once I get an idea, I have to execute it. So far the hamburger bed is the best bed I have ever owned. Not only does it make me smile, it is insanely comfy.” – Kayla Kromer

Image source: Fun Is Cool
Join the fun: Facebook Fan Page – Burger Bed
Inspiration: Hamburger: The Motion Picture
See also: http://www.hamburgerbed.com/


  • How did you make the lettuce sheets?? The look so bizarre xD!

  • Only Kayla Kromer can answer that!

  • Now I can eat, sleep and breath burgers 😉

  • I would like to buy one for my daughter. Can anyone tell me where to order.

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