Desperado in Zurich – Burger Review

by Burgermeister | May 12, 2010 10:49 pm



I recently travelled to Zurich and while there came across a fantastic little Mexican restaurant which specializes in burgers. They do all the usual Mexican food, such as chilli con carne, enchilladas, tacos and fajitas, plus some pretty big burgers!

Their big burger is the “HAMBURGUESA MEXICANA – LA GRANDE MUY MUY MUY GRANDE mit 2x200gr Fleisch”. This is a whopping double burger consisting of two 200g burgers, which is the equivalent of 0.88 pounds of meat. More than a 3/4 pounder!

I chose to have the more reasonable single 200g burger. It was good.

The burger was tasty, the meat tender, juicy and full of flavour. The bun it was served in was top notch too, light but tasty with some interesting seasoning on the top. The burger was served with salad in the bun plus a nice piece of corn on the cob. The sauce was good and the chips fantastic. Like curly fries, but not curly.

I certainly recommend that burger fans visiting Zurich seek out one of the Desperado restaurants. Mexican burgers rock!

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