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Burger Review: The Marriott Burger

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As part of my search for the perfect burger, I like to try every famous burger I can, to enable me to improve my own burger recipes. During a recent tour of southern England I found myself at the Marriott Highcliff hotel in Bournemouth, so therefore could not resist trying out the famous Marriott Burger.

The Marriot Burger is an 8oz burger with cheese and crispy bacon, and comes with chips and a salad garnish. At first glance it did look a good burger. It was well presented in a white sesame seed bun, the chips were golden on the outside, and the salad was OK as far as salads go.

Unfortunately it was soon obvious that the first impressions were misleading. The presentation did not make up for what was a very disappointing burger. The first problem was the bun was slightly stale and over toasted. It seemed that the bun may have been frozen, then quickly defrosted. Or it may have just been a bit stale. Either way, not what I would expect from the brand as highly respected as Marriott. The burger was rather disappointing too. The burger itself was slightly over cooked, and bland, there seemed little if any seasoning to the meat, and certainly no spice. There was no juice whatsoever. The bacon was certainly crispy, and the cheese was cheesy, but neither complimented the burger. There was also no burger sauce or relish provided with the burger, just the standard tomato sauce, mustard and mayonnaise.

The Marriott burger was a real disappointment, especially as it came with a price tag of GBP10.45 (about 22 US dollars). Maybe the chefs at Marriott should take a look at the recipes here before putting their burgers back on the menu.

Burger Sauce

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A good burger sauce is prepared fresh from old ingredients. Fresh ingredients could be used, but this will add several hours to the preparation time. My burger sauce recipe:

  • Tomato sauce
  • Mayonnaise
  • English mustard Read On…