Brazilian milk pudding – Pudim de leite

by Burgermeister | August 2, 2006 7:35 pm

Hi, this is M├írcia’s recipe for pudim de leite, which is a classic Brazilian milk pudding made from condensed milk, fresh milk, eggs and sugar.

To make a family sized pudim, with plenty left over for breakfast… use the following:

2 tins of condensed milk
an equal amount of fresh milk (use tins to measure)
4 eggs
white sugar

First mix the condensed milk, milk and eggs in a food blender or liquidiser.
Then cover the bottom of a glass oven dish with white sugar and caramalise on the hob.

Once the sugar is bubbling and browning, remove from hob / turn gas off and leave to cool. Don’t panic if you hear loud cracking noises, that’s just the sugar, not your dish, hopefully.

Once the sugar has cooled, pour in the milk and eggs mix. Place in an oven for approximately one hour at 200 degrees Celsius.

To check if cooked place a fork straight down in the centre and if it comes out clean
it is ready. Remove the dish and leave to cool down.

Serve plain or cover with fresh strawberries, and more cream.

Personally I think pudim always tastes better the next day, and makes a great breakfast !

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